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For Tenant Rights 




For Affordable Housing



  • Let your state representatives know you support affordable housing. Click here


  • Join the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s Housed Campaign. Click here
  • Contact your federal representatives to ask them to commit to universal, stable and affordable housing. Click here

Affordable Housing

*AB 987 Databases identify affordable housing that was deed restricted by the former redevelopment agency and is monitored by the Successor Agency or jurisdiction in accordance with Health and Safety Code section 33418.


Emergency Shelter

Call 2-1-1 for emergency shelter or short-term housing referrals or visit an Assessment Center near you. For more information, go to 2-1-1 San Diego  or Interfaith Services

Habitability (Minimum Housing Standards)

If you wrote to your landlord about the serious health and safety defects in your unit or complex, and repairs were either not made within 30 days, or are inadequate, then click on the following link. Click here

If that does not resolve the matter, then you may apply for legal help.

Housing Discrimination (Fair Housing)

For information: 

To find the Fair Housing Provider in your jurisdiction click here.
lick on “Providers” and then click on your jurisdiction.  

For legal representation: 

To file a Fair Housing complaint: 

Just Cause Eviction

To learn whether the just cause provisions of the State Tenant Protection Act (TPA) of 2019 (AB 1482) apply to you, Click here, scroll down to the colorful flowchart, and answer the questions.

If local just cause regulations provide greater protections or were adopted on or before 9/1/2019, then they apply instead of the State TPA. Civil Code 1942.6 (i)

For Chula Vista’s Just Cause Protections, Click here.

If you live in the City of San Diego, then you may be covered by the Tenant Rights to Know Regulations, as amended.

Legal Services


Rent Increases

To learn whether the Tenant Protection Act (TPA) of 2019 (AB 1482) applies to you, click on the following link, then scroll down to the colorful flowchart and answer the questions. Click here 

If it does, then from March 15, 2019 to December 1, 2029, your rent cannot be increased, over a 12-month period, more than 5%, plus the increase in the region’s Consumer Price Index (CPI), for All Urban Consumers, for All Items. In no case may it be increased more than 10%.

If you are covered by the TPA, then click on the following link for the most recent CPI increase for All Urban Consumers for All Items, and “find” or scroll down to “Consumer Price Index, San Diego Area, March, Current Year”. Click here

To view prior CPI annual increases click on the above link, go to “Archives by Year”, select the “YEAR”, and “find” or scroll down the page for the “Consumer Price Index, San Diego Area”, March of that year.

Which year’s CPI increase applies, depends on whether the [proposed] rent increase was [will be] effective before August 1, or on or after that date. For rent increases that take effect before August 1, the percentage change is the change between March of last year, and the year before that. For rent increases that take effect on or after August 1, the percentage change is the change between March of the current year and last year. See Civil Code section 1947.12, subd. (g)(3)(B).

Rental Assistance

Small Claims

Tenant Rights

Unlawful Detainers (Evictions)

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