15th Anniversary Celebration of Justice

At the 15th Anniversary Celebration of Justice, AHA honored James J. Schmid, CEO, & Chelsea Investment Corporation (CIC) for their development of Fairbanks Ridge, Mariposa, The Crossings and Windwood Village, affordable and inclusionary housing in San Diego County

“Inclusionary” housing refers to affordable housing that is developed as part of a larger, mixed-income or mixed-use community. Jim and Chelsea’s inclusionary housing developments were honored for promoting social justice.

The term “affordable” is defined by reference to the income group served. AHA honored these developments because they include units which serve our client community, the extremely low income who earn no more than 25 percent of Area Median Income (AMI), at or near minimum wage. For current information on the region’s income limits and affordable housing costs visit http://www.hcd.ca.gov/hpd/hrc/rep/state/incNote.html.

For more information about CIC’s inclusionary projects visit http://chelseainvestco.com/properties/index.html#inclusionary.

AHA salutes Jim and his wonderful team at CIC, and wishes them many more years of success in the development of inclusive and affordable housing in San Diego.